Boxalino means realtime-personalization.

Realtime personalization adapts your website for each and every visitor optimally. Bringing dynamically an user experience which pays off immediatly.

Only one or two customer out of 100 buy? But 99 others don’t? – Time to change.

You are confronted with a variety of visitors, situations, needs, goals, interests, preferences and personal tastes. Some like black, others white. Don’t optimize only for the majority of your visitors, but respect individual preferences: with relevant content, properly timed, put into the right context. That is what you will achieve with Boxalino and realtime personalization. Creating superbe customer journey, happy customers and more revenues. At lower costs.

Opportunities and potential of realtime personalization

Boxalino: relevant content for your users, more business for you.


Learn more about your target groups. Boxalino aggregates data based on testing and behavior into profiles which continuously gain in precision and turn out to become valuable actionable data.

Segmentation and Targeting

Boxalino puts the power into your hands to segment your visitors intelligently and present individually relevant content in an automated way. Segmentation and targeting powered by smart self-improving algorithms balanced with your strategies and goals.

Testing and learning

Apply different strategies for personalization – best practices are available. One sample out of hundreds: show visitors close to your real shop or outlet more prominently the address to get there, to others more prominently the online-shop. Simple to implement nuances which will change success. Don’t believe us, test your ideas and gain constantly learnings. And leave your competitors behind. And stay ahead.

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Product recommendations are a typical e-commerce strategy for cross- and up-selling. But also to enable purchase decisions (do you know the interesting studies summarized in “The Paradox of Choice” written by Barry Schwartz?). Intelligent Recommendations with mind-state adapted strategies working hand in hand with semantic product search integrating those recommendations seamlessly are more than state-of-the-art, kind of magic.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Realtime personalization optimizes your conversion rate on an ongoing basis. Using Boxalino you do not only test what works better. You will also find what works best for whom and our system applies this learnings automatically. Boxalino respects that people are different and increases your success.

Find answers.

Get unbiased feedback from testing instead of asking. Unobtrusively figure out what works for whom. Use the integrated testing features to learn about layout, content, assortment, interests and lots of insights more. Refine your picture about your visitors and customers.

Samples about realtime personalization along the customer journey.

Boxalino improves relevancy and user experience in all important areas

AdWords expensive?
Social Media Campaigns not efficient?

Dynamic landing pages welcome your visitors personally with individually relevant content. Acquisition works better, because your paid visitors find exactly what they were looking for. Additionally Google rewards you with lower costs per click, if you make your visitors “happy”.

Bounce-rate high? Your website doesn’t work properly on mobile devices?

Someone showed interest when she clicked your Ad. On the landing page this should be reinforced with relevant content. Segmentation for your content and personalization for different users doesn’t have to be complicated! Benefit from A/B-Testing to figure out, why some elements don’t work, find your areas to improve. They are about real money. And Boxalino Landing Pages are – thanks to Twitter® Bootstrap – mobile-optimized and you look good on every device.

Does your e-shop product-search deliver too many, unimportant or no results?

Our numbers show: a good product search is the driving force for your revenue and replaces for many online buyers the navigation to a large extent. Unfortunately that doesn’t work normally – even though it is not complicated at all. But typically product search does not get the proper attention by online show owners. But exactly this could be a key advantage over your competitors. Kind of low-hanging fruit.

Revenues per customer and average basket size too low?

You believe there is unexploited potential with your basket size? And simplistic “customers which bought x also bought y” seems to be the wrong approach? In reality intelligent product reommendations serve different purposes and show big impact, not only for cross-selling and up-selling, but also to support purchase decisions and perceived relevancy. But only if the recommendations are truly relevant and meaningful. We believe: another low-hanging fruit out there.

6x intelligent Personalization

Products that solve these Problems

With six products based on realtime-personalization Boxalino is able to get rid of these typical issues.


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