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Plug our intelligent engine into your Online-Shop or Web-Site.
Take advantage of every visitor's interaction and leverage your data.
Push sales like a real salesperson!

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Realtime Personalisation Engine

We serve customers with online revenue ranging from 100'000 EUR/year up to more than 700 Mio. EUR/year.
boxalino’s technology delivers an intelligent realtime personalisation along your customer's journey.

Landing Pages

Empowers you to manage & serve dynamically hundreds of context-sensitive, semantic and personalized variations with minimal manual work.

Product Search

Increases conversion rate with self learning, context-sensitive, semantic and personalized search & smart navigation solution.


Lowers bounce-rate and increases conversion rate managed by multi-strategy and relevant recommendations

E-Mail Intelligence

Generates more sales with existing customers and prospects driven by intelligently personalized and targeted e-mail campaigns and triggered E-Mails.

Solving today's most urgent challenges of online businesses and retailers

What are your priorities?
Online acquisition of new customers is far too expensive? Customer loyalty is decreasing?
Convincing your customers to perform a second purchase is too expensive?
Margins are under pressure due to unfavourable customer behaviour?
Your optimization tools are complex, impractical and time consuming?
Resources, skills & available time are not aligned with your goals?
Mobile devices introduce additional complexity?
Data interpretation is mission critical and hard work?



Intuitive & Powerful

Easy to get started with
  • Plug-and-play cloud solution
  • Flexible Connectors (API)
  • Standard Plug-Ins for different Online-Shops available
Highly sophisticated technology
  • Self-optimisation engine based on artificial intelligence
  • Dynamic persona / mind modeling
  • Leverage learnings from any module for personalisation of subsequent steps in the customer journey
Data intelligence built-in
  • Using more data (structured and unstructured)
  • Handling huge databases
  • Exporting enriched data and profile learnings
Easy and powerful testing
  • Marketing strategy concept testing
  • Personalization strategy testing
  • A/B & multivariate testing of static and dynamic content
  • Multi-armed bandit

Agile customers

Most of our customers operate in a highly competitive environment where speed and flexibility is important to win. As a consequence boxalino's products can widely be configured, all based on a state-of-the-art architecture and a unique intelligent core. This way we can rapidly add new features or small enhancements that will change the value for our customers’ business fast and measurably.

This agility together with continuous improvement (learning machine) is key to be successful in a rapidly changing and fast learning environment.

Experience - Skills - Passion

Dr. Andreas M. Schönenberger - CEO

Ph.D. Theoretical Physics (ETH Zurich) and MBA (London Business School)
Former CEO Google Switzerland, VP Monitor Group, Boston Consulting Group
President smama – the swiss mobile association

Michael J. Ammann - CTO

Master of Science (ETH Zurich)
Research with Fraunhofer Institute and ABN Amro
Expert in Neuromarketing, Human-Machine Interfaces

Sylvain Paillard - VP Products

Master of Science (EPFL Lausanne)
Carnegie Mellon University
Expert in Artificial and Semantic Intelligence

Matthias Fröse - VP Sales & Marketing

Bachelor of Business Administration (Basel, Ravensburg)
Highly experienced in IT sales and event marketing from London to Kuwait

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