We are the experts when it comes to real-time personalization. Our specialists and consultant know exactly what can be achieved with it.

Benefit today from opportunities and advantages using reatime personalization accompanied by Boxalino’s experts and Boxalino’s partners.

We love to make your online-business more efficient and profitable and simply much better using realtime personalization technologies. Some customers start with dynamic landing pages to get more out of their online-campaigns, continuing with best-practice conversion-rate-optimization cycles and taking next steps with highly customer-specific configurations. Exploring the different features to increase your success based on your key performance indicators. Others start with in-depth analysis provided by our experts. There is no general right or wrong – it’s all about where you stand today and where you want to go from there.

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Managed Landing Pages

Managed Landing Pages

Realtime-personalization where it really matters in your campaigns

You don’t have the time or you don’t want to spend your and your employee’s time to create effective landing pages on your own? We are there to do it for you and we offer decent conditions. After the setup – if you want to – you can modify your landing pages yourself or continue with our services.

Implementation of real-time prsonalization in CMS

Implementation and Customizing

Realtime-personalization in your existing online-setup

Boxalino products are scalable and flexible. Using our easy-to-use APIs our realtime personalization and recommendation engine will empower every web- and app-solution. In collaboration with your preferred IT provider or agency we integrate all the power into your website.

Beratung, Optimierung und Schulung

Consulting and Training

Professional Services supporting your e-commerce life

Conversion-Rate-Optimization („CRO“), refinement of your personalization strategies, trainings: Boxalino’s experts support and empower you locating and unleashing improvement potentials to reach the maximum effect. If you need a second opinion, a sparring partner to push your business continuously forward: just contact us now and let’s get started./p>

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting


Boxalino takes care and you can focus on your tasks: Boxalino’s products are operated professionally and this operation is a no-brainer for you. Based on redundant infrastructure – with facilities in Germany and Switzerland – you are free to choose what fits your needs and data protection regulations.

The Boxalino Experts

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Intelligent Search Product Search for Online-Shops


Intelligent Search

We create top customer experience by means of a semantic and fault-tolerant product search based on the intelligence of recommendations. The possibility to implement different sales strategies, testing with self-learning and the ability to use unstructured data make our search product unique.


Real-time personalization

The Intelligent Engine + Data Intelligence

Boxalino relies on two core technologies to enable real-time personalization for our clients. Data Intelligence categorizes and connects all relevant information to make them ready to use. The Intelligent Engine is the core and provides the personalized content for all the products based on all the data, intelligence, strategies, tests, etc.

Intelligent Landing Pages with realtime-personalization

Personalized Landing Pages

Intelligent Landing Pages

Intelligent real-time personalization on the landing page: easy to implement with a WYSIWYG-editor based on bootstrap. Easy to personalise through a multitude of individual parameters, many available templates, various segmentation and targeting approaches, A/B testing and multivariant testing options, reporting schemes and much more customization possibilities.