Increase business performance and reduce cost per lead with real-time personalization.

Higher conversion rate, more revenues, happy clients.

Present your clients the products / services that they are interested in and looking for in this moment. You can make this happen with boxalino, in an automated way and with less effort and lower costs.

Boxalino is a professional software for real-time personalisation of websites, e-shops and email campaigns. The approach is based on “big data” – data from your CRM-, ERP-, PIM-systems, online tracking or any other data source (structured or unstructured) – and on boxalino’s intelligence, which is able to analyse and interpret any customer event in real-time. Boxalino can learn from each website visitor. This way boxalino provides insights that help you get more out of your marketing spend.

6x intelligent personalization products for your online success

Intelligent Landing Pages with real-time-personalization

Personalized Landing Pages

Intelligent Landing Pages

Intelligent real-time personalization on the landing page: easy to implement with a WYSIWYG-editor based on bootstrap. Easy to personalise through a multitude of individual parameters, many available templates, various segmentation and targeting approaches, A/B testing and multivariant testing options, reporting schemes and much more customization possibilities.

Intelligent Search Produkt Suche für Online-Shops


Intelligent Search

We create top customer experience by means of a semantic and fault-tolerant product search based on the intelligence of recommendations. The possibility to implement different sales strategies, testing with self-learning and the ability to use unstructured data make our search product unique.

Intelligent E-Mails Personalisierte Newsletter

Personalized Email Newsletters

Intelligent E-Mails

Tune your newsletter tool with intelligent personalization from Boxalino. Close the gap between CRM-software, product catalogue and email marketing software. Leverage big-data based segmentation, targeting and A/B-testing as well as dispatch planning through triggers.

Intelligent Elements Websites and CMS with real-time personalization


Intelligent Elements

You can personalise (in real time) individual elements of your website like text paragraphs, titles, pictures. This way you can increase the relevance of what you show to individual visitors and raise their attention. Our real-time personalization algorithms are able to use all types of data such as geo location, device information, time, weather data, etc. Of course our algorithms can also account for additional information from you.

Intelligent Product Recommendations for Online Shops

Product Recommendations

Intelligent Recommendations

Cross-Selling, Up-Selling: with Boxalino’s product recommendations you can extend your online shop solutions. Our self-learning recommendation engine entails big data analyses and real-time personalization and therefore allows for comprehensive strategy and concept testing.

Intelligent Apps mit Echtzeit-Personalisierung

Real-time Personalization in Mobile Apps

Intelligent Apps

Boxalino’s Intelligent Apps integrate seamlessly into iOS-, Android- and Windows-mobile systems and can leverage numerous functions/features that mobile websites can’t use. Together with our Intelligent Engine new unique personalization opportunities become possible.

Basis of real-time personalization

4 Elements and Boxalino

Data and Information


User, products and relations

Knowledge, experience and profiles from „big data“, CRM-, ERP-, PIM-systems and any other data source.

Information about the actual situation like time, location, etc. and the user, e.g. interest, goals and learnings from current behaviour



How to use data and correlations

General distributions strategies detailing the individual approach for each defined user group.

Situation dependent sales strategies that can understand and interpret the current context so as to optimally use it.



Self-learning. Recognisng, Interpreting, benefit.

Artificial intelligence: our intelligent engine learns and continuously improves and refines on its own.

Semantic intelligence: recognise and interpret relations and context, and attribute values.



Continuous result monitoring

Continuous validation and adjustments (if necessary) of strategies for individual user groups and content.

Comprehensive reporting of results to provide insights for further tests and analyses.

The underlying technology of all our products
The Intelligent Engine and Data Intelligence

Boxalino relies on two self-developed core technologies to enable real-time personalization for our clients.

Data Intelligence categorizes and connects all relevant information to make them ready to use. The Intelligent Engine is the core and provides the personalized content for all the products based on all the data, intelligence, strategies, tests, etc.

Besides the data from the data intelligence our intelligent engine takes the real-time profile of the website visitor into account, i.e. the current behaviour, interests and goals.

Intelligent Engine, Data Intelligence

Intelligent Engine

The intelligent engine is the intelligent brain of the real-time personalization and processes the data based on well defined strategies.

Context and profile based optimization

Real-time profiles are based on all the data available about users. This encompasses for instance search keywords, time, location, device, etc., CRM-data to identify long-term interests, analyses of current user behaviour account for actual user goals

Semantic and artificial intelligence

Semantic intelligence is used to identify relationships and understand the context as well as to build „deep categories“ for relations. Our intelligent engine is self-learning and can independently optimize and refine actions based in user behaviour etc.


Defined strategies and rules for both the layer of general distribution and the layer of situation dependent sales strategy, segmentation and targeting approaches

Integrated Testing

All strategies and interactions are continuously recorded and tested. Learnings from A/B-testing can provide insights relevant for other (e.g. offline) touchpoints with clients.

Data Intelligence

Data intelligence provides a flexible and intelligent interface between your data and the intelligent engine

Product-Feed: use a standard like Google Shopping Format

Data Intelligence can deal with usual formats like Google shopping, CSV and easily be connected to your existing data sources. This makes it particularly simple to integrate our solution into your eCommerce platform.

Client data and transaction history

We can also deal with anonymised client data. Most important are the meta data in order to be able to analyse and evaluate the user behaviour.

Database update

Updates can be done any time. In case of frequent updates, it is sufficient to focus on data sets that change

Handling unstructured data

Data Intelligence is designed in a way that unstructured data can be used for real-time personalization for each product

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