Be relevant with real-time personalization.

Customized for every single visitor. This is possible with our self-learning software which uses all sorts of data and intelligent sales strategies.

This is Boxalino.

The Intelligent Engine

The Boxalino Core

Real-time personalization with the Boxalino Intelligent Engine

The Intelligent Engine is the brain of real-time personalization und makes data useful on the basis of defined strategies. With the Data Intelligence element we offer an intelligent and flexible interface between your data and the Intelligent Engine.

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6x intelligent personalization

Relevance through knowledge, strategies and intelligence.

Intelligent Search product search for Online-Shops Intelligent product recommendations  Online Shops Intelligent Landing Pages with real-time personalization Intelligent Elements Websites and CMS with real-time personalization Intelligent Apps with real-time personalization Intelligent E-Mails personalized Newsletter

These six products that make your visitors and clients happy since visitors are presented with the individualized content in right moment. Read on in order to learn how you can benefit from this.

Products and tools

Professional Services

Specialists. Consultants. Experts.

Seize the potential of real-time personalization with the support of Boxalino experts and / or Boxalino partners. We are happy to help you make your online business more efficient, more profitable and better in general by using real-time personalization.

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Highly performing software, more successful clients


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real-time personalization Boxalino Intelligent Engine

… Boxalino?

Boxalino is a Swiss company who developed software for real-time personalization.

What is real-time personalization?

Real-time personalization allows you to adapt a webpage specifically for each individual visitor and the situation he is in, i.e. time, weather data, etc.

Who uses real-time personalization?

Real-time personalization is used by online shops and websites in general for which relevance and excellent customer experience is key.

Why are people using real-time personalization?

We live in a highly competitive world today and it is very difficult to harness the increasing amount of information for one’s benefit. It is therefore crucial to be relevant for the user. That’s why real-time personalization is so important since its main goal is to provide relevant content at the right point in time.

What can be personalized?

Today almost any touch point of a user with a brand or a shop can be personalised. Typical examples in the online world are the “search” function, landing pages, websites, e-mails, etc.

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